Tasmania talk January 8th 2013

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Last days


Duika here: Our last days were no different, still  there were unexpected suprises at every horizon. We spent our last expedition night on Selanka with Pak Joseph, our host during the period we were ‘winded in’.  We left early to …

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NEW! Tasik Ria a base for sea kayaking in Indonesia


Hugging the Coast team member Vonna Keller stayed on to train the lovely Tasik Ria staff to lead kayak trips around North Sulawesi and the Bunaken Marine National Park. The pool at Tasik Ria resort provided great training ground for practicing their …

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Hugging the Coast on Vimeo

Hugging the coast introduction from Duika Burges Watson on Vimeo.

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From Bebelang to Sangihe, and back to Tasik Ria – more adventures


Over the last week of the expedition we’ve had very little internet access. We even visited an amazing island – Pulau Makalehi – which had no phone reception whatsoever, even though every man, woman and child had and used a …

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homeward bound

Back at Selanka island with a final 6hr trip to Tasik Ria to come. Last night we experienced the first westerly winds of the trip. Here, people speak of west season and east season, the wet and dry. West brings …

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SPOT our location

  Don’t forget you can see exactly where we are, 24hrs a day, by following the link to SARInfo.se (to the right of this page). SARInfo, a Swedish company, donated the use of the SPOT locator beacon, the Satellite phone plus a …

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What matters is that we’re all safe and happy

  The title of this post comes from the words of a kind man – a Bapak – whom we met at 11pm last night and bid farewell at 5:30am this morning. The Bapak was part of a group of men who, having seen …

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Thanks for the donations! 1 week left to raise $4760

  I’m posting from Karikatang, to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to all those lovely people who have made donations to Hugging the Coast. Given the last minute, unforeseen expenses (a dodgy import tax bill, for a start, equalling the …

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Johanna here: the day after the Independence Day celebrations at the southern end of Tagulandang, we travelled to the north of the island, so as to be ready to make the next big crossing. In keeping with the serendipitous happenings …

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