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Coral Triangle Day June 9

We will be kayaking through the coral triangle, the ‘amazon’ of the seas. All over the world there will be celebrations on June 9th 2012 as the first ever coral triangle day: beach parties, film nights, beach clean ups and …

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9 Weeks to go!

Johanna here:  had another batch of vaccinations today and my deltoids feel like I’ve done 100 press-ups …… or paddled 10kms against a headwind.  I’d better get used to the ache, huh!  And, I just have to say how excited I am …

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10 Weeks to go!

1o weeks from now, we’ll be packing some 50kgs of excess baggage  and travelling from London, Sweden and Tasmania, to begin the training week with our Indonesian team members near Manado, North Sulawesi.  Booked the flights last week, ordered the kayaks this …

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