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A symbol of hope for Rio+20

With  Rio+20 Earth Summit over many commentators view it as a failure. But the international press reported a glimmer of progress and identified a new symbol of hope: President of Indonesia, Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Amongst his new fans he …

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5 weeks to go!

Johanna here:  it is with absolute delight that we can let you all know that our final two team members have been appointed.  They are Arny Caroles and Jacqline Laikun, both of whom are students at Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, …

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Tynemouth canoe clubbing


Duika here. As an inexperienced sea kayaker, and someone who spends way too much time sitting at a desk, I need help to get ready for the trip. Thanks to the generosity of instructors and members, I’ve been training with …

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7 weeks to go!

Johanna here: it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted and lots of things to report. For example, did you know that Indonesia, despite being a nation of islands large and small, does not have ‘international’ ports on each …

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New blog post on FUSE

I’ve posted a ‘why Hugging the Coast is significant to public health’ blog on the FUSE website in advance of Coral Triangle Day – which is tomorrow!

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London adventures


Lena in London to deliver wilderness first aid training at the Castle Climbing Centre, and Duika, Joh and Lena visit the Royal Geographic Society to talk about Hugging the Coast. Lena was featuring a new ‘outdoor’ trouser which happened to …

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