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all well except internet

Arrived and happy at resort. Have kayaks and indonesian participants. Great photos but cant blog till internet fixed! Being well looked after…

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Hugging the Cafe


Touchdown. Singapore. Early in the morning.  Long flight.  Hugging the cafe…

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And we are nearly off!


Duika here. Just days to go before we set off to hug the coast of Indonesia.  I’ve got my gear laid out ready to check it against the list for a last time – but will it fit in the …

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Food security and the coral triangle

Simon Foale, Dedi Adhuri and colleagues  excellent ‘in press’ article on Food Security in the Coral Triangle is so relevant to Hugging the Coast.  The focus is on bringing people’s attention to the importance of food and food security in marine conservation, and …

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Voltaic Hot Buttons

Johanna here:  judging by my super-elevated levels of excitement over this piece of news, I am definitely of the Gear Geek Clan.  Voltaic Systems, whose whole business ethos makes me want to rush over to New York to hug them, …

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Be part of the Crowd! Make a donation to Hugging the Coast

Johanna here:  whilst Duika’s been adventuring in the North Sea and getting some good practice in, I’ve responded to the numerous suggestions to set up a Crowdfunding site for Hugging the Coast.  This is because, although we have raised almost …

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Puffins seals the deal


Duika here: just completed my first ever sea kayak race. 5 . 5 miles in total –  start and finish in the river at Amble, a mile of open sea, and clockwise around Coquet island. Jack from Tynemouth Canoe club …

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