Nain and onwards to Biaro

Johanna here: We spent 2 full days in Nain, meeting with seaweed farmers and observing daily life in the Bajao village. Because it is Ramadan, we heard the festivities through the night and it is no wonder that those people fasting must rest through the hottest part of the day.
Sadly, this is a community slipping into subsistence as seaweed harvests decline. More about that in the coming days.
We rejoined the Tropica and looked forward to a day of relaxation whilst crossing to Biaro. That turned out to be 4 hours of rough seas, with kayaks and oil drums lashed down, pfds on, a bout of seasickness and hoping Alex’s excellent piloting skills would keep us safe.
As it was too windy to moor at Lamanggo, we went to Karanggo instead. From here, we will be paddling off to other villages and are looking forward to doing some beach camping – at last!

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