Winded in on Paradise – Selanka Island


Johanna here: we have been winded in at Selanka, a tiny island off the village of Lamanggo on Pulau Biaro, for an additional 3 days now. We have found ourselves the guests of a generous but absent owner of a private tropical hideaway, with the caretakers’ family for company – along with unseen tarsus monkeys the healthiest chickens we’ve ever seen, and 1500 mating pairs of imported tropical birds (including the reclusive Maleo bird). We’ve camped in the semi-wild garden, practiced kayak skills & snorkelled off the pristine beach,  updated research reports, charged up our electronics via the solar chargers, day-paddled along the coast, & jumped off Tropica’s top deck when they joined us yesterday, in preparation for the crossing to Ruang. We are ready to leave as soon as the wind subsides and the waves diminish, but in the mean time we’ve thoroughly appreciated this little piece of paradise whilst we wait for safer seas.


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5 Responses to Winded in on Paradise – Selanka Island

  1. Marina says:

    Hi Guys
    I am a good friend of Vons and just wanted to send her a huge HELLLOOOO. I am keeping track of your movements and think the work you’re doing is super interesting and exciting.
    All the best :-)

  2. Anne Horscraft says:

    Keep going ladies, we will be supporting you all the way.
    Hope you are enjoying everyday.

  3. simon says:

    Hi all, sorry to hear that the journey is being hampered by poor weather but it sounds like you have ended up in a very decent situation to sit it out. It must mbe lovely to be snorkeling the reefs. Very interesting earlier post about the need for the support boat. Thank goodness that panned out the way it did! I hope everyone is well,happy, enjoying it. Greetings from the delight that is Paris! Simon

  4. Halim says:

    Bad weather with strong winds in many places – Huey told me he got 3 m waves in Malaysia !
    I’m going to Kuala Lumpur tmrw. and to Singapore on 28th to meet w Huey and plan for the expedition to Raja Ampat / Papua.

    God Speed, ladies … and keep the kayaks unscratched, haha !


  5. melina says:

    hi johanna, i’m melina the one that talking to you on the phone in manado. hope you were enjoying the journey at this One Step Island :)

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