NEW! Tasik Ria a base for sea kayaking in Indonesia

Hugging the Coast team member Vonna Keller stayed on to train the lovely Tasik Ria staff to lead kayak trips around North Sulawesi and the Bunaken Marine National Park. The pool at Tasik Ria resort provided great training ground for practicing their first kayak rescues! Our four Tahe Marine Kayaks (two doubles and two singles) are now based at Tasik Ria and staff are trained up and ready for visiting guests.  Given there are few kayaks in Indonesia, this is a great legacy for Hugging the Coast!

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2 Responses to NEW! Tasik Ria a base for sea kayaking in Indonesia

  1. vonna keller says:

    I love hugging the coast soooooo much!!!

  2. Halim says:

    Hello Vonna,
    YES, You left impression: there is now a group ‘ PEREMPUAN MERAH PUTIH’ who wants to step into Your tracks or paddle in your wake. These women Outdoorgroup is doing mainly Mountaineering ( Aconcagua soon ) but they get very exited to form the first Indonesian Kayakers community. –
    I hope You will get in contact – maybe You can help each other,

    If You ever come to Sumatra ( Lake Toba , biggest craterlake in the world is a wonderful place to paddle ) – I have some kayaks here !
    Halim ( Georg Jackstadt – I’m german Geographer since 20 years on Sumatra )

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