Planning and logistics

Our kayaks are supplied by Huey at Kayakasia Paddlesports in Singapore. The kayaks will be shipped to Bitung Port at Manado. Being a kayaker with extensive experience in South East Asia, Huey was able to give us great advice. We recommend his friendly, professional service.

Ocean support: because the longest inter-island crossing on our route also intersect three Recommended Ocean Passages (i.e. we might find ourselves crossing paths with cargo ships), we may use boat support at these points. This is to make us more visible, but also because some of the academic team members are relative novices to sea-kayaking; if conditions on these long crossings deteriorate beyond the paddling capabilities of those team members, they’ll transfer to the support boat.

Whilst we hope to be able to purchase small amounts of food from villagers on some of the islands, we have to also plan for everything we need for the duration of the trip to be transported in our kayaks.

Vaccinations: even though our risk of exposure to most of the following illnesses and diseases might be relatively low (because we will not be in crowded locations, we’ll be on the windy coast and we’re travelling in the dry season), there is a very real possibility that if one of us does get ill, a medevac could be delayed because of bad weather. This is why we’re subjecting ourselves to the 10 different injections required to protect us against Tetanus, Polio, Diphtheria, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Rabies. Isn’t expeditioning fun?



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