Facts and figures

  • We will be flying from Singapore direct to Manado in Northern Sulawesi to begin our journey. Sulawesi is the eleventh largest island in the world with a population of 16 million people
  • Manado is on the coast and within the Bunaken National Marine park – one of the first marine parks to establish in Indonesia; comprising 89,065 hectares of tropical marine waters
  • The water is very deep (1566 m in Manado Bay), clear (up to 35-40 m visibility), average temperature (27-29 C) and is world famous for the diversity of marine life. There are 70 genera of corals (only 10 in Hawaii); 7 of the 8 species of giant clam in the world can be found here
  • We will each pay a park entrance fee of Rp 150,000 (approximately US$17)
  • One of our first stops will be Nain Island, a key centre for seaweed farming
  • Our entire journey will take place within the ‘Coral Triangle’- the Amazon of the seas – an are of 5.7 million square kilometres of the most biodiverse marine environment in the world, an area that is a focus for environmental protection through the Coral Triangle Initiative
  • We will sea kayak from Manado through the park to Sangihe in the Celebes Sea – right to the edge of the Coral Triangle. The coordinates are (from:) 1° 37′ 0″ N, 124° 45′ 0″ E, (to:) 3° 0′ 0″ N, 125° 30′ 0″ E.
  • We estimate that we will sea kayak a distance of 200 miles / 320 kilometres.
  • So, with 6 people that is a total of 1920 kilometres.
  • At the end of each day, we will stop in a small coastal village or camp.
  • We will be meeting seaweed farmers along the way

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