What we expect to achieve

There are many things we want to tell you about what we expect and hope to achieve through our expeditionIt is, after all, a cultural exchange as much as a sea-kayaking expedition.

Here are our currently planned communication and impact-related activities:

  • Commitments to the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers): article(s) for the RGS-IBG Geographical Magazine (UK); a ‘Monday Night’ public lecture.
  • Participation in the RGS-IBG ‘From the Field’ project, which links researchers and teachers in development of geographical resources for the classroom.
  • Participation in The Open University’s ‘Creative Climate Project’.
  • Online (video diary) and text-based articles (with visuals) for international kayak industry publications and sponsors’ websites.
  • Chapter for a monograph, ‘Chocolate, sex and seaweed’, by Duika Burges Watson. The book is in preparation and is a social history of the global carrageenan industry, targeted at the popular, informed non-fiction market.
  • Two papers for publication in peer reviewed journals: one planned for Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers; another for Journal of Public Health.
  • Academic lectures and presentations at conferences where opportunities arise.

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