Key dates

Here are the key dates for our expedition. Note that the dates are only a rough guide and are subject to considerable revision, dependent on weather conditions and team fitness.

27th July: Duika, Johanna, Lena and Vonna meet up at Changi Airport, Singapore, before flying together to Manado.
29th July: The Indonesian team mates, Arny and Jacqline from Sam Ratulangi University, join us at Tasik Ria Resort, and the training week begins.
6th August: We begin paddling northwards – the expedition begins. The night of the 6th we visit Arny and Jacqline’s families on Bunaken. The 7th and 8th we spend with the Bajao people of Nain island. On the 9th we paddle to Bangka, camping in the village of Sehaung.
10th August: The first major crossing, between Selat Bangka/Talisei and Pulau Biaro (18NM). That night we camp near the village of Lamango.
13th August:The second major crossing, Biaro island group to Pulau Thulandang (9.6NM). We’ll actually stay on Ruang, or go to Bukide if the wind is northerly.
17th August:The third major crossing, Pulau Thulandang island group to Pulau Siau (15NM). In the Siau group, we will camp either at Pahepa or Behe, again depending on the wind direction.
18th August: We will paddle to Makalehi.
21st August: The 4th major crossing, from the Pulau Siau group to Pulau Para (15NM), camping at Para Induk. We were thinking of splitting the journey in half (with a layover at the tiny island of Pulau Sanggeluhang), but it is, apparently, very rocky and, nowadays, mostly covered in water!
24th August:Cross to the Karikatang island group, camping on Mahengetang on the 24th and 25th (so as to visit the nearby underground volcano for snorkelling and diving), Kalama on the 26th, and Bebarang on the 27th.
28th August: We’ll paddle up the West coast of Pulau Sangihe, stopping overnight at Manganitu.
29th August: Arrive at Tahuna, the end-point of the paddling. Tahuna is the most important town on Sangihe, where we will meet the Governor.
29th August: load the kayaks onto the support boat and spend 13 hours travelling back to Tasik Ria.
3rd September:Lena returns to Scandinavia (arr.4th).
5th September: Duika, Johanna return to London (arr.6th), Vonna returns to Tasmania (arr.7th).

In between these key dates, we will have short paddling sections between the islands of each major group, meet people in the villages and visit the seaweed farms. We will update our route online as the journey progresses.

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