Our supporters

We are profoundly grateful to our friends and collegues who generously donated to our crowd funding appeal.

Glitter Graphics | http://www.graphicsgrotto.com/

Julie Dennis, AUS

Christopher Balmford

The Maughan family, UK

Suzanne and Simon, UK

Garry and Diana Willinge, Hong Kong

Paddy Burges Watson, AUS

Bruce Eames, USA

Gen Lowes, UK

Andrew and Helen Wadsley, AUS

Sophie Charles, UK

Jacky Lewers, AUS

Frenchie (aka Claire Prospert), UK

Ike Baaten, Netherlands

Mark and Helen Frampton, UK

Sue Lewis, UK

Jess Frary, UK

Susie Norris, UK

Windy, AUS

Melissa and Michael, UK

Rob D’Emden, AUS

The Malbarry Family, AUS

Kerry and Giusi Simmons, UK

Jonathan Erskine, UK

Howie Nordstram, Sweden

H, T & S

Bruce Eames, USA

Angela Warren, AUS

Ben Ridder, Scotland

Sue Stark, USA

Phil Fish, UK

Matthew Coorey

Robert Pennicott


Martin Riley

Gill and Jak



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