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independence day

Wind has dropped so onwards we go. As you may see from previous post internet challenges still! Yesterday we were invited to participate in the formal independence day celebrations on tagulandang and found ourselves sitting on podium with uniform clad …

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Photos from Nain

Finally, an internet connection! Some photos from nain, more to come…

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Winded in on Paradise – Selanka Island

  Johanna here: we have been winded in at Selanka, a tiny island off the village of Lamanggo on Pulau Biaro, for an additional 3 days now. We have found ourselves the guests of a generous but absent owner of a …

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Nain and onwards to Biaro

Johanna here: We spent 2 full days in Nain, meeting with seaweed farmers and observing daily life in the Bajao village. Because it is Ramadan, we heard the festivities through the night and it is no wonder that those people …

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Nain August 8th: johanna So, we are a few days in and I am adjusting to the fact that an expedition in Sulawesi Utara, or Indonesia in general, simply cannot be undertaken the way we might otherwise have been thinking …

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Practicing capsize


Duika here: The boats are very stable and we have no intention of coming out of them once fully loaded, but we need to know how to respond in the case of a capsize at sea. Lena’s teaching made it …

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Hugging the coast visits orphanage


With Dan Green of Tasik Ria we were invited to visit and make a contribution to a local orphanage in Tomohon, the old capital of Sulawesi Utara. It was profoundly moving.  The children played kumintang for us, and danced. With …

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Transport adventures with kayaks


Getting the kayaks here has been an adventure. They measure 5.25 metres in length though they weigh only 25kg.  Would they fit in the hold?   Nicholas Tan, manager of Silk Air in Manado, and Daniel Gondowijojo of Tasik Ria dive …

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Lovely people looking after us

Johanna here:  it’s late (9:45pm and it’s been dark for hours) and we have a 7am date with the kayaks tomorrow. However, now that we have access to the internet again, I just have to say something about the staff …

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